June 13-20, 2020
Rodeo Bible Camp

Senior Camp: June 13 - 17

Junior Camp: June 17 - 20

About rodeo Bible Camp

Rodeo Bible Camp takes place annually at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Mound City, Kansas. The camp is divided into two sections; a Junior Camp for students in grades 5th-8th, and a Senior Camp for students in grades 9th-12th.


Rodeo Bible Camp offers quality instruction in many different rodeo events, and is a week full of training, friendship building, and Biblical instruction. Training is available for students with little to no rodeo event experience, however the instruction offered at Rodeo Bible Camp is intended for students who want to gain experience in a specific rodeo event. In addition to rodeo event instruction, students are challenged in their Christian faith by daily verse memorization, regular chapel meetings, and group activities and discussions.


Rodeo Bible Camp concludes with a rodeo at the end of each camp section, allowing students to compete in their camp event. Parents, family, and friends are encouraged to attend and engage in the excitement of Rodeo Day.

Rodeo Events

Barrel Racing

Breakaway Roping

Bull Riding

Bull Fighting

Calf Roping

Chute Dogging

Goat Tying


Pole Bending

Steer Riding

Team Roping

Trick Riding



Linn County Fairgrounds

Mound City, KS.

What to Bring

Bathroom supplies

Sleeping bag

Twin sized cot or twin sized air mattress

Clothes for camp duration

Western attire for rodeo day


Event appropriate shoes

Clothes for water games


Water bottle

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil

Horse & tack

Grooming supplies

Feed & hay for camp duration

Water and feed buckets

Stall shavings for camp duration

Optional: Wheel barrow & stall pitch fork


Dress Code

Sleeveless shirts that extend to the edge of the shoulder and do not reveal undergarments.

Shirts that cover the mid-section at all times.

Shorts that are thumb length or longer when the arm is extended straight down at the side.

A dark t-shirt must be worn when participating in water games.

Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times - sandals for showers, closed toed shoes, sneakers, boots.

Not Allowed:

Tank tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops or see-through tops.

Shirts that reveal undergarments.

Cut off shirts with low-cut armpits.

Shirts that show the mid-section.

Shirts that expose cleavage.

Shorts that are shorter than thumb length when the arm is extended straight down at the side.

Shirts containing print or image that profane,  derogatory, disrespectful, obscene, or inappropriate for camp.

Cost Breakdown

Base Fee



Registration Fee



Cleanup Deposit


Livestock Fee






Base Fee


Registration Fee


Cleanup Deposit








This is non-refundable and due when you register. Your spot will not be reserved until the registration fee is paid.

Cleanup deposit

Due at check-in and refundable when clean-up requirements are met at the end of camp.

Late Fee

Registrations submitted after May 10th are subject to a $20 late fee.


Early Registration Discount - $20 - for registrations postmarked or submitted online before April 15th

4-H Member Discount - $10

Rodeo Association Card Member Discount - $10

Multiple Family Member Discount - $10 - for each camper from the same household


Scholarships are available to assist students who want to come to this event but do not have the financial resources available to do so. Please fill out the scholarship application within the registration form if you would like to be considered for available scholarships.

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